Selling Your Dental Practice is Like Selling Anything

selling your dental practice

Selling your dental practice is like selling anything else. You would never accept the first offer that is well below the asking price on your home, luxury car or vacation property, so why would selling your dental practice be any different. Selling your Dental Practice with a Dental Broker When you put your dental practice on the market, you want … Read More

Prepping For the Big Dental Practice Sale

Your anticipated practice sale is one of the largest transactions of your practice life. Along with your home, these are big indicators for you. This is your baby and you want this sale to go well. When the stock market and real estate were doing well in 2005, many 50 year-old dentists felt they would quit soon and play the stock market. When 2008 … Read More

Selling Your Dental Practice While Making an Income

selling your dental practice

Selling your dental practice could be something you are considering as you edge towards the golden years of retirement. As you approach retirement age, there are several things to consider when it comes to selling your dental practice, especially if there is simply not enough income to retire. At Blatchford Transitions, we believe that both parties should be set up … Read More