If You Are Buying a Dental Practice Read This

Buying a dental practice is exciting, but can also be just as overwhelming. Whether you are fresh out of dental school, or a seasoned doctor who is looking to expand, buying a dental practice starts with a solid plan. If you follow the Blatchford Transitions Blog, you will know that some dentists don’t take counsel when it comes to buying … Read More

Making the Right Decision when Buying a Dental Practice

Are you considering a new dental practice? Are planning to buy a dental practice? If you are, do you really think you are ready for the transition? According to Blatchford Transitions, a majority of dentists buying a dental practice are not ready when they start shopping for a new dental practice. Making the Right Decision When Buying a Dental Practice … Read More

Buying a Dental Practice is it the Right Time?


If you are buying a dental practice, or considering it, how do you know if the time is right? Whether you are a dentist who has been practicing under another for sometime or a new dentist, who is weighing up the options a good dental broker will help you answer the tough questions. Buying a Dental Practice with an Experienced … Read More