Making the Right Decision when Buying a Dental Practice

Are you considering a new dental practice? Are planning to buy a dental practice? If you are, do you really think you are ready for the transition? According to Blatchford Transitions, a majority of dentists buying a dental practice are not ready when they start shopping for a new dental practice. Making the Right Decision When Buying a Dental Practice … Read More

Buying a Dental Practice What You Should Know

If you are buying a dental practice in the near future, or plan to, are you prepared? Have you asked yourself the important questions? Do you even know where to start looking if you are buying a dental practice? If you are on the fence about buying a dental practice, it’s time to schedule a consultation with a dental broker. … Read More

Buying a Dental Practice Planning Makes Perfect

Buying a dental practice is a major transition. If you are buying a dental practice, a plan must be in order before you do anything. Having a solid plan in place before you start shopping for a dental practice is imperative. Without a transitional plan, you could end up spending far too much on a dental practice that you never … Read More

Take the Pain out of Buying a Dental Practice with Blatchford Transitions

buying a dental practice

If buying a dental practice has been weighing on your mind lately, there are some things to consider before you take that too good to be true offer from the dentist that you grew up with. It may be tempting to jump in with both feet, but unless you understand anything about the dental brokerage business, you could end up … Read More