Selling Your Dental Practice Takes Teamwork

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Selling your dental practice is stressful. Doing it by yourself is even more so. Selling a dental practice takes a professional dental broker. Most likely, you are working hard getting your figures up for your big sale, which is a good thing. However, if you are going the for sale by owner route, you won’t have as much time to … Read More

Selling your Dental Practice Are You Ready to take the Plunge?

selling your dental practice

Selling your dental practice is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. If you’ve got the itch to try something new, selling your dental practice will be something you need to consider at some point in your working life. Questions to Ask Yourself if you are Selling your Dental Practice Are you a dentist who … Read More

Selling Your Dental Practice While Making an Income

selling your dental practice

Selling your dental practice could be something you are considering as you edge towards the golden years of retirement. As you approach retirement age, there are several things to consider when it comes to selling your dental practice, especially if there is simply not enough income to retire. At Blatchford Transitions, we believe that both parties should be set up … Read More

Selling a Dental Practice for Transition

selling your dental practice

Selling a dental practice isn’t what used to be. In fact, Blatchford Transitions has seen quality dental practices back on the selling block, and because there are new lenders in the industry, more local and regional banks are making money available on a regular basis with demand outpacing supply in the future. According to Blatchford Transitions, only five percent of … Read More

Selling your Dental Practice for Painfree Transition Solutions

selling your dental practice

If you are considering selling your dental practice as you approach retirement age, or just want to retire before you reach the appropriate age, Blatchford Transitions can help with a pain free transition for both you and the buyer. It Takes Experience Just like other real estate ventures, Blatchford Transitions have the experience, wisdom and resources to help you transition … Read More