Buying a Dental Practice is it the Right Time?


If you are buying a dental practice, or considering it, how do you know if the time is right? Whether you are a dentist who has been practicing under another for sometime or a new dentist, who is weighing up the options a good dental broker will help you answer the tough questions. Buying a Dental Practice with an Experienced … Read More

3 Dental Transition Mistakes to Avoid

dental transition

If you are leaning towards a dental transition, but haven’t a clue where to begin, working with a broker to buy or sell a dental practice isn’t going to give you the professional advice you need. Sure, you may get some tips about finance and location, but you won’t get any knowledge about the dental world or what would be … Read More

Is a Dental Transition in Your Future?

dental transition

Are you considering a dental transition? Are you preparing for a new chapter in your life? If so, call Blatchford Transitions. Working with a dental broker that understands everything about dentistry is the first step towards finding a dental broker that fits your needs. Whether you are buying a dental practice, or selling a dental practice, having someone on your … Read More

A Dental Transition is Bound to Happen


A dental transition will eventually take place in a dentist’s life at one time or another.   Whether you are a new grad looking to purchase a dental practice in your hometown, or a doctor who has worked for 45 years, a dental transition is bound to occur. Making that dental transition, a successful one takes careful planning. Planning that … Read More

How To Complete a Smooth Dental Transition


If you are considering a dental transition, call the team from Blatchford Transitions. Drs Bill and Christina Blatchford are dental brokers who are also practicing dentists. If you follow the Blatchford Transitions Blog, you will know the importance of hiring a dental broker who is also a practicing dentist. What Does a Dental Broker Do for a Dental Transition? Buying … Read More

When is the Right Time to Retire from Dentistry?

retire from dentistry

There is never a right or wrong time to retire from dentistry. Retiring or transitioning from a career that you have had for decades can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. At some point, most dentists will find themselves at a crossroads and that is where Blatchford Transitions comes in. Whether you have a successful practice or are … Read More

What Type of Dental Transition is Right for You?

Making any kind of dental transition is challenging whether you are buying a dental practice, looking to add a partner to your practice, or wanting to retire and sell your dental practice. Regardless of the transition, it takes teamwork to make it successful. Custom Made Solutions for a Successful Transition Blatchford Transitions can help you make the change whether you … Read More