Selling Your Dental Practice the Easy Way

Selling your dental practice shouldn’t be something you do overnight. If you are in a rush to sell your dental practice, you should probably talk to a dental coach.

Being pushed into something that has taken you years to build could make you regret it for the rest of your life.

Before you put that sign on the door and start a new chapter, take some time to think about what is involved in selling your dental practice. Unless you plan to buy and sell dental practices your entire life, you only have one opportunity to do it right.

An Exit Strategy for Selling Your Dental Practice

Determining your exit strategy is just as important as the strategies that you used when you first set up your dental practice decades ago. Blatchford Transitions can help you ensure that you have a healthy nest egg to provide you with the lifestyle that you are entitled to. Before you forge ahead, there are some things to consider.

Call the Experts if you are Selling Your Dental Practice

Working with an experienced dental broker who is qualified to help you make the dental transition is the most important part of your exit strategy. Blatchford Transitions are practicing dentists who are also dental brokers.

Dr. Bill Blatchford and Dr. Christina Blatchford work exclusively with dental practices and dentists making them an essential part of your transition process.

Identify Your Value with Blatchford Transitions

Because Blatchford Transitions has completed hundreds of dental transitions, they are your go to resource for market value and insight.

As dental coaches and practicing dentists, Blatchford Transitions will evaluate your cash flow practices, practice valuation, and your location assessment.

Confidentiality and Trust is a Must

If you are selling your dental practice, you may not want to shout it out to the world. Every transition is unique. If your receptionist hears that you are selling your dental practice on Facebook, it won’t sit well with her, or the rest of your team.

Furthermore, if your patients get wind of a possible sale, they may start looking for a new dental practice.

Blatchford Transitions are the experts and can help you market your practice while evaluating prospective buyers. As a result, business will run as usual.

Past Experiences Help if you are Selling Your Dental Practice

Because Blatchford Transitions have been brokers for decades, they know how to structure the sale of your dental practice, streamlining the entire process without burdening you or your practice.

Don’t Hinder your Success

Your dental practice is worth more if your are increasing dental flow. You may be tempted to slow down during the pre sale and sale. Don’t do it. You must ensure that your dental practice is running at maximum potential if you want to make your transition successful and profitable.

Selling your dental practice is serious business, don’t take it lightly. Call or click for a no obligation consultation today.

About the Author

Drs. Bill & Christina Blatchford

Dr. Bill Blatchford and his daughter, Dr. Christina Blatchford are the strongest voices in dentistry today for profitability. They are the private practice dentist’s advocate for net return, more time away and increased enjoyment. Bill graduated Loyola in 1970 and practiced for twenty years in Corvallis, OR. Christina graduated OHSU in 2009 and practices in Milwaukie, OR. In their Custom Coaching Program, both Drs. Blatchford have helped thousands of Doctors develop leadership skills and practice success by working personally with Doctor, spouse and team to achieve their dream practice. In addition, they have published four books, including Bringing Your ‘A’ Game 2.0 and No Nonsense Transitions.