Be Careful When Buying a Dental Practice


Buying a dental practice whether you are fresh out of school, or looking to get out on your own, is a process that takes planning and a well thought out strategy. There are so many things to factor in if you are buying a dental practice. Are you aware of what those factors are? Is buying a dental practice something … Read More

Is Your Dental Transition Well Thought Out?


A dental transition isn’t something you decide overnight. Both buying and selling a dental practice takes planning. You need to know exactly what you want and what you don’t want if you are buying or selling a dental practice. With that being said, those decisions are best made with an experienced dental broker, a dental broker who is concerned with … Read More

Selling Your Dental Practice Takes Teamwork

selling_your_dental practice

Selling your dental practice is stressful. Doing it by yourself is even more so. Selling a dental practice takes a professional dental broker. Most likely, you are working hard getting your figures up for your big sale, which is a good thing. However, if you are going the for sale by owner route, you won’t have as much time to … Read More

Buying a Dental Practice What You Should Know

If you are buying a dental practice in the near future, or plan to, are you prepared? Have you asked yourself the important questions? Do you even know where to start looking if you are buying a dental practice? If you are on the fence about buying a dental practice, it’s time to schedule a consultation with a dental broker. … Read More

Selling a Dental Practice What you Should Know

selling a dental practice

According to Blatchford Transitions, selling your dental practice won’t happen instantly. The process takes months or even years. Dr. Bill Blatchford and Dr. Christina Blatchford have decades of experience in the dental world. As dental practitioners and dental coaches, the two have built a team of strong dental brokers who understand the hard questions that must be answered before the … Read More

A Dental Transition Are You Prepared?


A dental transition takes teamwork. You didn’t build your practice on your own, so why would you attempt to sell it yourself? On the other side of the coin, why would a buyer go out blindly and purchase a dental practice without an expert on the team? As practicing dentists and dental coaches, the team from Blatchford Transitions helps you … Read More

Selling your Dental Practice with a Dental Broker

If 2019 is your year to sell your dental practice, do you know what it’s worth? Do you know how much cash you’ll have in hand for your decade’s old business? Is it going to be enough to see you through your Golden Years? If you haven’t a clue, it’s time to talk to a good dental broker. A good … Read More

A Dental Transition is a New Chapter

Any type of dental transition is a new chapter. Whether it’s a young student who has just graduated college and is ready to take the world bu storm with an upscale dental practice in the city, or a seasoned doctor who is ready to retire and move forward in another country. Selling a well-known dental practice in Wisconsin or starting … Read More

Dental Brokers Let Them do the Work


Buying or selling a dental practice takes a well thought out plan with an expert, but not just any expert. Research shows that it doesn’t matter what type of business you are buying or selling. When you work with a broker that has experience, in whatever industry it may be, you have a better chance of buying or selling at … Read More

A Dental Transition Takes Precise Planning


A dental transition is just like any other transition. Preparation is the key. According to Blatchford Transitions, buying or selling a dental practice could mean the difference between a happy life and a not so happy life. The outcome of any transition depends on how well you plan it. Dental Transitions Experts When it comes to a dental transition, it pays … Read More