Making the Right Decision when Buying a Dental Practice

Are you considering a new dental practice? Are planning to buy a dental practice? If you are, do you really think you are ready for the transition? According to Blatchford Transitions, a majority of dentists buying a dental practice are not ready when they start shopping for a new dental practice. Making the Right Decision When Buying a Dental Practice … Read More

Retiring From Dentistry is a Huge Transition


Retiring from dentistry is a choice that can have far-reaching consequences. As a dentist, you have probably build a successful practice, established a good local reputation and a loyal team and patient base. Whether you purchased the practice from another doctor or built it from scratch, your business has been a massive part of your life for decades so retiring … Read More

Selling a Dental Practice with a Broker is Essential


Selling a dental practice can be frustrating, but even more so if you are still working. If you plan to sell your business yourself, how can you possibly find the time to research your upcoming dental practice sale? Throwing up a for sale sign on any business will have disastrous results. If you haven’t researched dental practice sales in your … Read More

Selling Your Dental Practice Are You Ready


If you are selling your dental practice, are you ready for what is ahead? Is your dental practice really worth what you are asking? Are you feeling a bit reluctant when it comes to selling your dental practice? If you are, a dental broker can help you get organized and up to task when it comes time to put your … Read More

Are you Ready to Sell Your Dental Practice?


When it comes time to sell your dental practice, are you prepared? Do you understand what it takes to get your business ready for the all-important sale? Is the dental practice that you have built over the last three and a half decades really worth as much as you think it is? If you can’t answer those questions without putting … Read More

A Dental Transition Begins with a Dental Broker


A successful dental transition starts with an excellent dental brokerage firm. You need a dental brokerage firm who understands both the real estate market and the business of dentistry. Without those two components, you will have a tougher time buying or selling a dental practice. A Dental Transition with the Experts When you buy or sell a dental practice, it … Read More

A Dental Broker for a Successful New Chapter


A dental broker is the first person to call if you are considering a new chapter in your life. Whether you are buying or selling a dental practice, it’s important to have the right team in your corner before you consider buying or selling a dental practice. A Dental Broker Because You Can’t Do It All If you are selling … Read More

Is a Dental Transition in Your Future?


Change affects people differently. Some are ready to embrace it with open arms, while others are not so sure of the new chapter. Whatever that new chapter may be, planning is an essential part of the picture. The same can be said about a dental transition. Why You Need a Dental Brokerage Firm for a Dental Transition With a dental … Read More

Blatchford Transitions for the Right Move


If you are ready to transition, call the team from Blatchford Transitions. Dr. Bill Blatchford and daughter Dr. Christina Blatchford have built a dental transition firm that puts the right buyers and sellers together. It just makes sense to look after both the buyer and the seller; otherwise, one or both parties will end up being unhappy after the deal … Read More

Buying a Dental Practice Are You Ready?


If you are buying a dental practice, are you ready to sign on the dotted line? Have you done your due diligence and found the best dental broker to handle the transaction? If you are unsure about even one of those questions, it’s time to talk to Blatchford Transitions. Blatchford Transitions are the dental brokers who understand what you are … Read More