A Dental Transition Takes Precise Planning


A dental transition is just like any other transition. Preparation is the key. According to Blatchford Transitions, buying or selling a dental practice could mean the difference between a happy life and a not so happy life. The outcome of any transition depends on how well you plan it.


Dental Transitions Experts

When it comes to a dental transition, it pays to work with a team that knows the business of dentistry. The team from Blatchford Transitions understands what it takes to successfully buy or sell a dental practice. With years of experience, the experts make the transition stress free.

Why you Shouldn’t Attempt a Dental Transition Alone

Just like anything, a coach that helps you get to the finishing line is essential. You can bet the winning team didn’t get there by crossing the finish line by themselves

Buying or selling a dental practice without a knowledgeable expert in the dental world could get you into trouble. If you know nothing about the pros and cons of buying into a dental practice with a dentist who still plans to practice, you may end up being very unhappy with your dental transition.

Identifying and establishing your goals is the first step. When you discuss your wants and needs, and the needs of your family with an experienced dental broker your intentions will be made clear. You will know what to look for whether you are buying a small dental practice in Texas, or planning to join a large dental firm in New York.

A Dental Transition for the Buy and Sell

Both buying and selling a dental practice requires the right party. If you are selling a dental practice that you have been building for over 30 years, you want it to go to a caring and compassionate dentist, much like yourself.

If you are fresh out of dental school and looking for a new dental practice, you want to make sure that all of your goals match the goals of the selling dentist.

Buying or selling a dental practice isn’t always easy, but it can be with the help of a good dental broker. Blatchford Transitions are practicing dentists, dental coaches and dental brokers. Because they understand the business of dentistry and everything that goes along with it, you will get the best deal.

Life is much easier with a smooth dental transition. Call for more information today.

About the Author

Drs. Bill & Christina Blatchford

Dr. Bill Blatchford and his daughter, Dr. Christina Blatchford are the strongest voices in dentistry today for profitability. They are the private practice dentist’s advocate for net return, more time away and increased enjoyment. Bill graduated Loyola in 1970 and practiced for twenty years in Corvallis, OR. Christina graduated OHSU in 2009 and practices in Milwaukie, OR. In their Custom Coaching Program, both Drs. Blatchford have helped thousands of Doctors develop leadership skills and practice success by working personally with Doctor, spouse and team to achieve their dream practice. In addition, they have published four books, including Bringing Your ‘A’ Game 2.0 and No Nonsense Transitions.