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We'll Be There Before, During and After the Sale

Most practicing dentists will either acquire a new practice or sell their practice during their career. We are here to ensure that that process is an easy, smooth a transition for both the buyer and the seller.

Just like in any Real Estate venture, it's always wise to have the wisdom, experience, and resources of an agent. As brokers with dental experience, we offer a unique set of values for those looking to buy or sell their dental practice. We have over 35 years of mentoring, coaching and working experience directly with dental practices!

We are here to guide you through the buying and selling process. We have experience in coaching more than 3,000 dentists about profitability and tailoring their practices to achieve their personal lifestyle goals.


Experience the Blatchford Difference

Dentists helping dentists all over North America.
Dentists helping dentists all over North America.
We go beyond what's offered by other brokerage firms.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, we offer completely confidential consultations and assessments for our dentists. We know that the decision to buy or sell a dental practice takes a lot of time and thought. We aim to get you the maximum return on your investments. Whether you're buying, selling, or you want a property valuation we handle the details so that the transition is easy for you.

Here are a few of our brokerage services for dentists and dental offices:


Buying a Practice

Take the countless hours of research, budgeting, and stress out of buying your dental practice. At Blatchford Transtions Inc. we carefully assess available practices and hand pick those that qualify for our interested buyers. With years of industry knowledge, we act as a buffer between you and potential sellers, so you can rest assured that everyone's best interest is in mind. As dental professionals, we know how important it is to find a good fit for your practice, that's why we work to fit your locational and budget requirements.

Selling a Practice

Are you looking to sell your dental practice? Get the trusted buyers you want. Our services ensure that your listing gets seen by other interested dental professionals. We give an in-depth valuation of your business and assess your assets in order to determine an appropriate market value. The listing will then be promoted and published in our database of interested and qualified buyers.

Practice Valuations

We offer personalized consulting and practice valuations. There are several different purposes for the practice valuation. It gives owners and buyers a clear idea of the value and assets within the practice. We look at relevant, industry-specific information, so you can get the best possible information about the value of your practice and it's potential on the market.

No Nonsense TransitionsNow Available on Amazon

No Nonsense Transitions is the ultimate “how to” handbook on buying or selling dental practices. This book will prepare for and make rewarding transitions by expanding your thinking beyond what is presently being offered by other brokerage firms. This book will help you:

  • Realize the factors for success for a smooth transition and dental practice sale
  • Learn community and economic impacts on the practice that you need to be concerned with before purchasing a practice.
  • Understand the possible consequences of having the selling doctor stay on staff
  • Realize the important considerations before taking loans

You will be amazed at how easy it is to pay or sell your dental practice. Grab your copy today!



Bill helped me buy out my partner creating a very productive one dentist practice that is profitable and rewarding. He also showed me how to take a week off every month. Before Bill I thought I enjoyed being a dentist. After the transition, I LOVE being a dentist.

Dr. Nelson

Stayton, Oregon

Bill was a great source of information for my transition. He more closely predicted the outcome than the broker or the accountant. He has done so many of these that he knows all the ways to make the transaction happen. I used him to double my practice by buying a practice larger than mine and rolling it all into one. He gave me great advice, as he will you, and I highly recommend following it! Bill is level headed, clear thinking, creative in finding workable practical solutions, and will be there for you!

Dr. Brant

Houston, Texas


We're Here To Help You Every Step Of The Way!

Our experience in the dental profession coupled with our dental counseling abilities means that we have your best interests in mind, specific to the dental industry. We know that buying and selling a practice is no easy task, but we are here to make the transition as smooth as possible. We offer unparalleled, personalized assistance, so you can feel confident and informed in your decisions. We look forward to working with you when it is your time to buy, sell or merge a practice. Please call us toll-free at 844-735-7600 or email us at info@blatchfordtransitions.com to discuss your transition needs.