Looking to Buy or Sell Your Practice? Look No Further than Blatchford Transitions


We’ll Be There Before, During and After the Sale

After 30 years of coaching Doctors, Blatchford Solutions is excited to announce a new, full-service brokerage business, Blatchford Transitions, Inc. Blatchford Transitions offers services nationwide, helping dentists buy and sell dental practices.

We are here to help Doctors prepare for and make rewarding transitions by expanding their thinking beyond what is presently being offered by other brokerage firms.

We look forward to working with you when it is your time to buy, sell or merge a practice. Please call us toll-free at 844-735-7600 or email us at info@blatchfordtransitions.com to discuss your transition needs.

“Bill helped me evaluate and negotiate the purchase [of] my practice. His insight and experience saved over six figures. I highly recommend him and his company.”

Dr. Angie Cotey, Wisconsin

“Bill helped me buy out my partner creating a very productive one dentist practice that is profitable and rewarding. He also showed me how to take a week off every month. Before Bill I thought I enjoyed being a dentist. After the transition, I LOVE being a dentist.”

Dr. Dale Brant, Texas

“Bill was a great source of information for my transition. He more closely predicted the outcome than the broker or the accountant. He has done so many of these that he knows all the ways to make the transaction happen. I used him to double my practice by buying a practice larger than mine and rolling it all into one. He gave me great advice, as he will you, and I highly recommend following it! Bill is level headed, clear thinking, creative in finding workable practical solutions, and will be there for you! (which is better than i can say for the broker).”

Dr. BC Nelson, Oregon